Did you know... that I can see you? That's one thing about me that you didn't know, isn't it? You're eating candy. Wait... are you eating candy? It's Hershey's isn't it? If it is, give it to me! You see how smart I am? I am such a crazy genius.

Welcome to The Apocalypse Ends Now! This blog is about random things that are interesting to myself and to my friends. One day I might post a review, another day I might post a how-to article, etc. Ask me any questions and I will do a post that answers that question. 

I got my name from a few articles (and maybe a book) about surviving the zombie apocalypse. This website isn't about zombies. It's about anything and everything you can imagine. So... basically we are ending the mental apocalypse. That probably doesn't make any sense. Only I can figure out what it means.