Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Get Famous (The Easy Way)

We all dream of being famous right? Famous people get everything. People who are famous are rich. If that is your goal in life, I suggest that you read this guide that will lead you to your success and your immortal awesomeness.

How To Get Famous

1. Be Female- Girls get all of the attention. No matter how crappy your music is or how crappy you are, you will get all the attention and be gawked at by creepy little boy perverts all over the world. It's true that not all people are famous and not all people are female. I have two solutions to those problems. To stop being one of those normal girls, throw attention at yourself and eventually wind up on the national news. If you are not female, go to your doctor and have him turn you into one. Nobody has to know that you were born a male. You can keep that a secret.

2. Youtube- Make some videos and makes sure they all go viral. They have to be like Star Wars kid. Everybody loves Star Wars kid. Star Wars kid is epic in a squishy Jedi kind of way.

3. Invent Something Cool- This may not make you famous, but it will certainly make you rich. The guy who made Silly Bands must be a freaking millionaire! Or make a whole new invention... Just make sure it is something that everyone will want to buy, no matter how retarded and cheap they are.

4. The Media- Starring as the lead role in a movie is a good start. Starring in a television show will also boost those famous points. If you can sing, you might want to get a record label to sign you. 

5. America's Most Wanted- This one should be easy, I guess. If you don't care about the death penalty and you have been a mortal enemy with Officer JoeBob since pre-school, it's a piece of cake. There are various ways that you can do this. It might take some time and brains to pull this off or it will not work. 

6. Marry a Celebrity- Do whatever you have to do to steal your most loved Celebrity's heart. Then date them for a couple years and then marry them. If you don't like any one of those Hollywood freaks  kidnap, assassinate, or do anything to them to get on TMZ. 

These are just a few ideas. 

DISCLAIMER: These have not been proven to work and will never be proven to get you famous. The fifth one and the sixth one might but it isn't possible because you are not smart enough and I am the only one capable of doing so.

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